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Langahead School of Language

512 Hole-In-One Avenue, Ruimsig


Phone: +27(0) 82 631 0840
Fax:      +27(0) 86 511 259

    TEFL courses:
We have a strong vision for real, effective skills
development: in a separate environment which
is relaxed. The combination of small classes
and internationally experienced and well
qualified teachers gives students of all ages
and from all walks of life the chance to build up
their own skills, enrich their work and personal
lives and create new paths to walk down!
    Full-time: 2 induction days and 4 very full
Part-time: over 3 months
Update: This is one of our TEFL add-on
courses for those who have a full TEFL and
wish to update their skills.
Other TEFL Add-on courses are also
Learn English, or improve your English   Foreign languages now available:
  From Beginners to Advanced (EFL)
Examination preparation from KET to IELTS
    French, Portuguese, German,
Spanish, Italian and Hindi.
English for Special Purposes (ESP)   Local languages are available too:
  Communication English,
Business Communication English,
Business English,
Academic English,
Conversational English,
Presentation Skills.
    Zulu and Afrikaans.

All of these are offered to South Africans and Visitors or Immigrants who need to learn or improve their English skills, thus giving South Africans the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and for new South Africans to make friends quickly and easily.

  • Small classes
  • The best teachers
  • Progress assured
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Make friends quickly and easily.